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     Kardelen Cotton produces Hydrophilic Cotton for using in the fields of health, hygiene and cosmetics.

Dating from the second half of 20th century, countries which purified themselves from wars, have begun the contest of becoming the world leader in Science and Trade by using the technological means.

It is clear that in this contest, the ones that give importance to quality and customer satisfaction will lead.
For Kardelen Cotton quality must suit the customers' desires.With the concious of this; from its workers to executives, at the first time, at the right time and every time, to produce and to attain the services without a mistake has become its policy by working with the defined principles.

In the basic principles of production and quality policy, Turkish Standarts and European Farmacopy Standarts have been based on.
So, we have the belief in that our company will lead in this contest with the improvement, variation and development of our products by adapting the customer satisfaction in all ways.


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