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     Kardelen operates a stringent quality control system and closely monitors incoming raw materials and semi finished / finished products. All analysis is conducted at our fully equipped Quality Control Laboratory which complies with Turkish and European Pharmacopoeia Standards. All results are recorded and remain on files to allow a full audit trail.


        Kardelen Cotton is not only dedicated on quality but also recycling and environment protection issues. We lead the market with our biological water treatment process, heat recycling and emission control systems.


        The main goal of Kardelen Cotton is to have the highest quality production, without damaging the environment, to produce the greatest customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal we utilise the flexibility of our fully automatic, computerized machinery to fulfil our customers' requirements, on time and to the high standards which they expect.
About Cotton 
     Absorbent cotton wool is entirely made of natural cotton and high quality combers, and free of pigments, grease and other impurities. It is clean and white, highly absorbent and
contains nothing harmful to people's health.
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